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It is time for the 2020 AMMA Board of Director Elections! Please register your vote. Elections will run from 3:00AM EST February 15 until 3:00AM EST March 1.

Votes will be tallied after the election has completed.

There was only nominee for each of the two seats up for election, and so both candidates are running unopposed.

Vote below.

Vice President – In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall perform all the duties of the
President. In addition, when not in a re-election year, the Vice President shall also serve as the Chair of the
Nominating Committee.


Greg Heller-LaBelle is the current Vice President of the AMMA and CEO and co-founder of The Colony Meadery in Allentown, PA. Prior to being named to the Board two years ago, he led the Legislative Committee of the AMMA, where he compiled information for members on regulations, taxation and other relevant topics. He also successfully lobbied Congress to reduce the “bubble tax,” advised member meaderies on COLAs and licensing, and gave annual talks on regulatory update for meaderies. His regular contact with the TTB led to reforms that allowed meaderies to use common formulas, identify spirit barrels on a label, and dramatically increase label freedoms for in-state sales. As Vice President, he spearheaded the AMMA finding and hiring a lobbying firm to represent the industry’s interests in Washington, and started MeadConEast last year, where almost 100 mead makers gathered for a one-day conference on the East Coast. If re-elected, he will be taking over Publications Committee and re-launching American Mead Maker Magazine for the AMMA. An alumnus of Pitt and Lehigh, he’s lived in Bethlehem three times, Pittsburgh twice, and Mexico once. In his spare time, he’s a college professor, and joins his wife in dutiful service to their English bulldog, Disraeli.

Secretary – The Secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes and distributing minutes at all Association and Board meetings, as well as preparing and distributing meeting agendas. If the Secretary is absent from any Association or Board meetings, the President will appoint an alternate to take minutes. The Secretary will maintain the Association calendar of events, due dates, action items, elections and any other pertinent time-lines. The Secretary will forward reminders of critical activities to the Executive Director to ensure accountability and write a quarterly progress report.


Susan Ruud, along with her husband Bob owns Prairie Rose Meadery.  She has a Master’s degree in Microbiology from NDSU and has worked at NDSU for the last 29 years in Plant Pathology doing agricultural research on diseases of various crops.  As a hobby Susan has been involved in home brewing and competitions since 1996 with her first batch of homebrew being Mead.  Some fellow homebrewers gave her a sample of their Mead and she fell in love with it from the first sip.  She is a Grand Master IV Beer and Mead judge for the BJCP and was on the AHA Governing committee from 2000-2016 – taking one year off when she was term limited and so couldn’t run for re-election that year.  During the last 20 + years she has made 100s of batches of beer and mead and has won many medals at various competitions including 3 Gold medals for Mead at the AHA National Homebrewers conference.  As Mead is her passion Susan decided to go Pro in 2015 and opened Prairie Rose Meadery in Fargo, ND. In less than a year she started winning medals professionally including medals at the Mazer cup, The Texas Mead Competition, Mead Free or Die and the latest being two from the National Honey Board competition.  Mead will always be her passion and after being on the Board of the AMMA for the last 3 years would be honored to be elected for a 2nd term.  The AMMA is a vital organization in growing recognition for Mead throughout the USA and other countries.  The AMMA has been working on better legislation for Mead Makers in the US.  If elected I would work hard to make sure the AMMA continues in this direction for all Meaderies and home Mead makers.  It is my hope that in the next few years Mead will be as common a word in the English language as beer is and we won’t need to explain to our customers that Mead is a wonderful alcoholic beverage made from honey as its base.

Please vote below.

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  1. Robert Slanzi 2 months ago

    Where does one cast the votes?

    • Author
      Vicky Rowe 2 months ago

      Hey Bobby, there was a glitch, it’s fixed now.

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