2020 National Meadmaker of the Year Leaderboard


The leaderboard for the National Meadmaker of the Year Competition will be updated as the competition year moves forward.

We will show the competition winners as we go through the competition season, and the final leaderboard will show the top ten point holders.

If you were an individual AMMA member during a competition, won medals and think you are supposed to be shown here, and don’t see your name, email Carvin Wilson, the NMMotY administrator, to let us know.

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Adam Bystrom4424416   
Josh Holbrook408626   
Allen Martin3812818   
Steve Fletty308616   
Kristopher Pruitt268180   
Scott Behrens201280   
Steve Patik181080   
Jeremy Goehring18666   
Matthew Weide16088   
Kevin Meintsma1446