As we’ve grown, we are expanding and adding committees to help us better reach out to and work with the meadmaking community, both home and professional.

Here are the people who have volunteered to work on moving the AMMA forward!

Home Governing Committee

The Home Governing Committee (HGC) is a separate and independent group under the AMMA that is responsible for working with the AMMA to ensure that growth and educational opportunities are available to our fast-growing home meadmaker members. These are elected positions, and members are elected for a 3 year term. You can read the HGC bylaws here.

Current Members:

  • Bob Slanzi – Chairman
  • Tom Repas – Vice Chair
  • Annie Zipser – Secretary
  • Petar Bakulic
  • Amy Olsen
  • Ryan Carlson
  • Warren Earle
  • Steve Patik
  • Andrew Luberto

AMMA Task Committees

The Task Committees are groups of member volunteers who work with the AMMA to help us accomplish the various goals and tasks to bring information, member benefits and other things to our members.

MeadCon Conference Committee – in charge of putting on the annual AMMA MeadCon

  • Vicky Rowe, Chair
  • Becky Starr
  • Cynthia Little
  • Dan Slort
  • John Syms

Publications Committee – in charge of AMMA news articles

  • Chrissie Manion Zarpoor, Chair
  • Caldwell Bishop
  • Matt Falenski
  • Jenni Mastal Adams
  • Joe Moraca
  • Elijah Wegner

Legislative Committee – oversees and provides information that relates to legislative issues facing the mead industry, works with government

  • Greg Heller-LaBelle, Chair
  • Chris Baker
  • Shane Coombs
  • Dennis Kelly
  • Mike Tripka
  • Eric Van Otteren

Marketing Committee – looks for ways to reach out the both the mead community and the craft beverage drinker to tell them about the AMMA and mead, and keeping social media updated

  • Alex Gonzalez, Chair
  • Christian Annese
  • Yanick Goossens
  • Mike Manning
  • Sean Grant
  • Rachel Catena

Membership Committee – works on helping to grow the AMMA membership and find ways to enhance membership benefits

  • Aaron Schavey, Chair
  • Marc Burris
  • Greg Fink
  • Peter Lamb

Research Committee – works to expand research opportunities in mead and create a mead industry picture

  • Chris Webber, Chair
  • Joseph Abruzzo
  • Jonathan Eells
  • Timothy Elder
  • William Marsh
  • John Record
  • Suji Lakshminarayanan




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