• TTB Advice on Appellation of Origin for Honey

    A major question for wineries, but particularly for some meaderies, is what the regulations allow with regard to the origin of the honey used. While it can get a little technical, there is some latitude in labeling. For the purposes of explanation, I’ll use my meadery, The Colony Meadery, which is in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Pursuant to CFR 4.25,

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  • What I’ve learned… in Two Years (final post?)

    I have been rather busy as of late. Just recently had my second child, have been going out to look at bigger spaces for expansion, all while also negotiating new distributor deals. So for a blog post that is almost a month overdue, I am going to focus on urgency and efficiency today! We just ran a bottling marathon this week with

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  • What I’ve learned… in 22 months

    Offense and defense. That’s been the theme here at Melovino. We have been spinning our wheels with production and looking into improvements of our bottom line, all while trying to defend what’s ours. It’s a good thing I don’t have a big head because there are many hats that need the wearing… So, I finally set voyage on a ship

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  • What I’ve learned… in 20 months

    So it seems I am a month late for my latest installment of “So you want to own a Meadery”… Things have been busy lately to say the least, but nonetheless, here it is. What I’ve Learned in 20 months since opening my meadery… As counterintuitive as it may sound, I have learned very quickly that success is going to

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  • What I’ve learned… in 1.5 years

    1.5 years since opening my meadery… “Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson That quote couldn’t ring any truer in relation to what has gone on since I’ve started Melovino. You think you’ve got it all down on the homebrew side of things. “Yeah, this is cake. All I got to do is

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  • What I’ve learned… in 16 months

    16 months since opening my meadery… Oh boy, where to start. One thing that immediately comes to mind is, I still wish I had started even bigger. Yeah, seriously. Growth, although an obvious blessing, is a pain. A great pain. A fun pain. But mostly, an expensive, we need more stuff, how do you plug this in, where did all

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  • What I’ve Learned… in 14 months

    What I’ve learned in 14 months since opening a meadery. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can’t homebrew your way through running a meadery. You should consider starting your meadery with more equipment than you think you’ll need. Patience is also a virtue, and delays are sometimes a blessing in disguise. Since starting to sterile filter

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  • What I’ve Learned… in ONE YEAR

    What I’ve learned in one year since opening a meadery… and just a heads up, this might just be the last of this series I’ve been posting up here. One important thing I’ve learned is, you can’t “homebrew” your way in creating a successful meadery. What I mean by that is, just because you never filtered or sulfited your meads

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  • What I’ve Learned… in ten months

    What I’ve learned in 10-months since opening my meadery: I am actually writing this bi-monthly “installment” two weeks earlier than my actual 10-month mark due to an upcoming surgical procedure I have to undergo that will put me out of the game for at least two weeks. Nonetheless, I thought I’d get this out before then, especially since I now

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  • What I’ve Learned… in eight months

    Another installment of the bi-monthly “What I’ve Learned” series. 8 months since opening for business. Things couldn’t be going any better. Well, they could (and will) be going a lot better as we move forward. Solely based on our business activity at the moment revolved only around tours & tastings with no distribution, we are kicking more ass than Van

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