Thanks for stopping by! The AMMA is working with a grant writer to apply for a large grant to forward honey and mead making. If we win the grant, this will give the AMMA funds to pursue the various projects our members have told us are important.

However, one of the things we need is information!! As you know, mead is tracked along with wine at the federal level, so we do not have adequate information on sales and ingredient usage in our industry. And the grant asks for this type of information.

So help us, to help you. Please fill out the survey below and give us the data we need to forward to our grant writer to give us a better chance of winning.

This questionnaire is completely anonymous.

Honey and Ingredients Usage Survey

  • Thank you for your participation!!

    All data will be held confidential, and will only be used in aggregate to help the AMMA in its efforts to expand and support the mead industry, both for home and professional mead makers.


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