• Thanks Brian,

    It is encouraging just to hear others are on the same path. I am impressed that you are pushing out sessions in as little as 12-18 days. I am curious if you are you able to do that with your melomels and cysers or just straight meads?

    I have the Coolbot setup that works nicely for my cold settles and brite tank runs. I hear you…[Read more]

  • Alrighty, thanks gents for the response.

    1. What is a typical session mead production timeframe for you from fermentation to packaging?

    2. For clarification, are you filtering or cold-settling or something else entirely?

    3. Anybody kegging? Still or carbonated?

    4. If carbonated, do you have a brite tank?

    5. On tanks, fully temperature…[Read more]

  • Hello All, I am new to AMMA, but have been in the mead business for about a year. Looking to finally expand to a sustainable level and am in the midst of that build-out planning.

    I have not been able to find a detailed discussion of session meads but would like to have such a discussion. Perhaps session meads are a bit of a redheaded step-child…[Read more]

  • OpJohn, A question on the sixtel pricing because I am selling to a couple of local establishments for MUCH less. I am making session meads at 6.5% ABV or less, so understandably my costs are lower BUT if you are selling a sixtel for $180, could you give me a decently accurate margin you are working on?

    I am very interested in the question…[Read more]


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