• Tom Repas posted an update 4 years, 9 months ago

    I am delighted to renew my membership in the AMMA. I have been a beekeeper for 35 years. My passion, even more than producing honey, has been breeding mite-resistant, gentle, northern-adapted bees. I raise queens for sale to local beekeepers and am intending on learning how to do instrumental insemination of queen bees later this year. I also anticipate completing the University of Montana Master Beekeeping Certification this spring. I have been an avid homebrewer for 20 years, and am still completely amazed to have had the honor of winning the Mazer Cup Home Best of Show in 2015. A long term dream of my wife and I have been to someday combine our two passions of mead-making and honey bees- and to someday open a meadery, with a room dedicated to beekeeping and honey bee information, including an observation hive. In the summer I’d like to do live outdoor educational honey bee demonstrations with the audience safely indoors watching through a window. For now, and until we more actively pursue our meadery dream, I look forward to reading about and learning from those of you who are already doing it. Thank you!!!


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