• I know this isn’t mead related but can anybody enlighten me about the large number of tables related this conversion. I understand that temperature will make a difference as will the type of sugar used. I am finding that the tables are vastly different in the values they give for a set Specific gravity and the potential alcohol. Any comments?…[Read more]

  • just occurred to me what are the ways of determining the Specific gravity of honey accurately? I believe that to measure it directly a specific gravity bottle is used. Any other direct methods? Using a honey refractory is an indirect way as you are measuring the Refractive Index of the honey which varies with water content.
    any thoughts?

  • I am a retired math teacher and I am surprised that it hasn’t been noticed before. It came from trying to determine the total volume of must you get from mixing honey and water. Knowing the SG of the honey and of course the water the final SG can be calculated. Practically the total volume comes up short.
    It occurs when you mix alcohol and water as well.

  • I have noticed over the years that when you mix honey and water there is a loss of volume. One gallon of honey mixed with one gallon of water doesn’t give exactly 2 gallons of honey and water. I think the absorption is around 5% volume loss. Any comments?

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    I have just joined as there is no equivalent group in Australia yet. I live in the island state of Tasmania at the bottom of the map of Australia. Live in a place that has a wonderful variety of honeys for mead making.