Premium Clover Blossom AMMA Deal

This varietal yellow sweet clover honey, is tested and verified a monofloral honey. This honey has a bright golden straw yellow color, with aromas of cinnamon and dry apricot, and notes of savory spices and sage. A sweet but slightly and pleasant tart taste. This honey was used as the varietal honey sample for Sweet Clover, by the UC Davis Honey Sensory & Analysis course in the fall of 2019.

1 Gallon Jug with Handle – 60$
3.5 Gallon Bucket (40#) – 160$
5 Gallon Bucket (60#) – 210$

This honey is currently featured in the “Love Letters to the West” mead series, which showcases varietal honey in a traditional mead, by Lost Cause Meadery (

A note about Wingfield Honey Company: The bees that worked to produce this honey have never been treated with synthetic chemicals or antibiotics. Nor has any of the equipment used in the production of this honey (frames, comb). Only organic acids and essential oils are used in Wingfield Honey Company bees. Wingfield Honey Company is a small family operation, managing around 500 colonies. All work done in the bees is done by the owner, beekeeper, Spencer Wingfield. All of the extracting and bottling is also done by Spencer. There is no blending, filtering or heating of the honey.

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