2018 Conference Videos and Speaker Decks – Full



The 2018 AMMA MeadCon was two days, and two tracks this year, and we had some excellent speakers.

The speaker list includes:

  • Chrissie Manion Zarpoor – Mead and Food Pairing
  • Greg Heller-LaBelle – How to Work with the TTB
  • Tom Repas
    • How to Become a Beekeeper
    • Beekeeping: Your First Year
    • Finings and Related Additions
    • Using Sulfites and Sorbates
  • Eric Lowe – Conducting Bench Trials
  • Robin Kosoris – Mead Recipe Creation
  • Fred Minnick – Mead Cocktails
  • Mike Manning – Making Balanced Mead
  • Diane Currier – Solo-preneur: Going it Alone
  • The AMMA Grant Sour Mead Tasting
  • Matthew Weide – Bochet: The methods and effects of carmelizing honey for mead
  • Theresa Dorr – Mead Clubs
  • Evan Himes – Honey Varietal & Mead Tasting, Honey Industry Topics
  • Jack Twilley – Influence of Fermentation Temperature and Nutrient Addition Protocols on Sensory and Chemical Characteristics of Traditional Semi-Sweet Mead
  • Adam Crockett – Mead Tools and Techniques – Barrels vs oak strips/chips/spirals
  • Jared Ro Bear and Kat Nicolai – Scaling Production from Small Batches to a Large Facility
  • Carvin Wilson – Different Fruit Addition Techniques for Mead
  • Becky Starr – Meadery Tasting Rooms
  • Carvin Wilson, Sergio Moutela, Bob Slanzi – Mead Making Best Practices – a Panel Discussion
  • Florian Laufenstein – Rules on Mead in the EU
  • Alex Gonzales, Daniel Bauer, Billy Beltz, Sergio Moutela – Panel Discussion – Starting/Opening a Meadery
  • Ken Schramm – Running a Tasting Room

You can check out the speaker schedule details for Wednesday and Thursday to see who was speaking and what they spoke about.









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