2018 MeadCon – Pairing Mead and Food – Chrissie Manion Zarpoor



We all know dry meads pair with chicken and seafood, and sweet meads are great with dessert, but what about

  • Impact,
  • Mirror and Amplify,
  • Contrast,
  • Spicy foods,
  • Capsumels,
  • Oak, and
  • Ethnic foods?

In this presentation, Chrissie builds on her book, and challenges you to master mead pairings as a key technical and marketing skill for your business. Connect with your customers in the tasting room and your social meadia over the foods they cook at home, and they’ll drink your mead more often.

Know the ethnic restaurants and foods most popular in your market and be sure to offer meads compatible with those foods. Research restaurant menus before pitching to the chef and the sommelier. Dare to pitch to America’s best national chains. Work with your commercial accounts to design custom products and labels for their businesses. Track wine, beer, cider, and soft drink trends to understand how they may apply to the mead industry. And keep asking everywhere you go, “May I see the mead list?”


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