Distributor Relationships – Overcoming the Obstacles



Speaker: Michael Fairbrother, Owner of Moonlight Meadery

Track: Pro

It’s your dream to see your brand grow, and the logical next step is to find a distributor, but it’s such a tangled web, that’s full of traps and pit falls. Since starting Moonlight Meadery, we have worked with 68 distributors, from small to large. We have identified what works, for us, and what doesn’t. In this talk Michael Fairbrother, will go into the depths on what’s worked and what hasn’t worked for working with distributors. Having great product, and packaging is the base line, but you also need to understand and present a marketing plan, budget, and a roadmap for growth (how are you going to support the market). How to plan and manage distributor: acquisitions, bankrupcy, performance management, bill backs, cost sharing… Even after 8 years, Moonlight is still learning the ropes, some lessons have been extremely difficult. It’s difficult business and you need to be more creative, resourceful than the others.


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