Post Fermentation Mead Flavoring Workshop



Speakers: Mike Manning, The Colony Meadery and Eric Lowe, Meridian Hive Meadery

Track: Pro/Home

This seminar will be presented by Eric Lowe from Meridian Hive Meadery and myself. We are combining the presentations we did at the 2018 conference and expanding it into a hands on workshop. Attendees will team up at a table and be provided with a sample of mead and a flavoring toolkit. The base mead will be a stabilized, traditional mead. The flavoring toolkit will consist of honey, fruit concentrates, herb and spice tinctures, tannins and acid. By following the techniques covered in the presentation, each attendee will adjust the base mead using ingredients in the toolkit. Each team will then choose their favorite of the adjusted meads and use the presentation techniques to scale up and recreate that adjusted mead in a larger quantity.


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