The American Mead Makers Association, Inc. is a professional, scientific and educational nonprofit corporation.

The number of commercial meaderies in the U.S. has increased from approximately 60 in 2003, to about 200 in 2013, and to about 300 in early 2016, and now is at about 450 in 2020 with about 50 additional wineries and breweries each making at least one mead in their product lineup. And there are over 200 meaderies in the planning stages to open over the next two years.

The AMMA is an industry voice for meaderies within, or doing business in the United States, as well as a resource for home based mead makers. This voice is communicated through the press, marketing activities, public relations and by working on legislative issues. We support research and advances in safety, sustainability, education, technology and raw materials related to mead making. Political influence is exercised to secure fair legislative and regulatory treatment. We are committed to assisting meaderies and home meadmakers in producing quality meads by cultivating new ideas, publishing information on best practices and supporting competitions. AMMA believes in promoting the living and active mead culture which is thriving among craft meaderies, home mead makers, and mead enthusiasts.

Core Values:

  1. Promoting and celebrating the growing independent, traditional and innovative culture of American craft meaderies.
  2. Providing a unified voice to vigorously defend the mead industry through legislative and regulatory action.
  3. Fostering transparency within the Association.
  4. Supporting and encouraging the responsible enjoyment of mead.
  5. Providing stewardship for the mead industry.
  6. Educating mead makers and consumers about the diversity, flavor and quality of mead.
  7. Improving the economic health of American craft meaderies individually and collectively.
  8. Promoting ethical and legal trade practices.
  9. Building relationships and collaborating with our industry partners.

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