Mead Matters

Mead Matters is the AMMA Home Governing Committee’s webinar series.

Join us for the next episode of Mead Matters

Join the AMMA Home Governing Committee for another episode of Mead Matters at 3pm EST on July 23rd.

We will be joined by Krzysztof Jarek and Mateusz Błaszczyk as they discuss:

1. Mead Madness 2022 recap
2. Polish meads: what are they and how to make them
3. Mead Madness 2023 

Krzysztof Jarek and Mateusz Błaszczyk are The Kings of Mead and run a YouTube channel by the same name.  The are also instrumental in running The Mead Madness Cup along with the EMMA, which has been held in Poland.  Krzysztof and Mateusz will talk about what it takes to run an international mead competition, what is a Polish mead and what makes them special.