Mead Maker of the Year:

Besides ULTIMATE bragging rights for the year, the winner of the MMOTY award wins a glorious trophy worthy of displaying. Prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be determined by the end of the calendar year.

Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Gold medals awarded 6 points
  • Silver medals awarded 4 points
  • Bronze medals awarded 2 points
  • BOS awarded 4 points (only first place)

In the event of a tie, we will use the total amount of 1st place medals.

*Entrants must be an active AMMA member at the completion of each competition in order for those points to qualify towards the MMOTY award.

Standings for the 2024 Competition

Entrants get 6 points for 1st, 4 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd, and 4 for a BOS in each participating competition.

Steve Fletty 46
Michael Harper 34
Josh Mahoney 26
Garrett Freeman 18
Josh Holbrook 18
Bill Boyer 14
Kyle Ducharme 14
Melissa Greenfield 14
John Jacob 14
Daniel Kukuk 14
Matthew Mead 14


(Qualifying competitions will change as needed to ensure a broad judging pool)

Here is the race for 2024:

  1. Domras Cup – 169 Entries: results reported above
  2. Valkyries Horn – 236 Entries: Results on or after 2/24/2024
  3. Indiana Bewers Cup -Wildcard, Date: 7/12/2024
  4. Michigan Mead Cup – Date: 9/28/2024
  5. Mazer Cup International – TBD
  6. Valhalla – The Meading of Life – TBD

*Any questions on the competitions chosen, please contact

Get your fermenters ready! Do you have what it takes to win the race?


AMMA Mead Maker Of the Year Circuit

The program will be operated as follows:

  • All included competitions will be expected to meet the standards and requirements listed below.

  • The three largest domestic mead only competitions will be offered a spot on the circuit.

  • Up to two “wild card” competitions will be offered spots on a rotating basis each year to promote regional diversity.

Standards and requirements:

  • To be included for consideration, the competition must be established for a minimum of one year before the start of the new circuit calendar year.

  • Must offer a Best Of Show for mead.

  • Each flight should include at least one BJCP endorsed mead judge, or other qualified mead industry judge.

  • The BOS panel must include at least one BJCP endorsed mead judge.

  • Participation in the competition must be open to all AMMA amateur members without any additional requirements.

  • Competitions must follow BJCP guidelines and be sanctioned by the BJCP organization.

  • ALL medals must be awarded for any declared categories unless scores are 29 or below (BJCP “good” standard) and the scoring must reflect the problematic nature of the mead.

Differentiating factors:

  • Quality of judging.

  • Quality of organization (timeliness, communication, awards, etc.).

  • Location (regional diversity, size of the qualified judge pool).

  • Size (total entries, number of categories, ability to retain all defined categories without combining).

If for some reason, an eligible competition is not able to be part of the circuit, the team will offer the open slot to another competition that is capable of meeting the standards and requirements defined above. This may include a competition that combines mead with other beverages.

Decisions will be evaluated annually by the Home Governing Committee to determine if there are beneficial changes needed for the program.