• Kokken Mjod – Jon Talkington of Brimming Horn Meadery

    Køkken Mjød Kitchen Mead is an old home style mead made with simple ingredients and modern techniques. I made variations of this back in my early mead making days. The lemons and oranges provide aromatics and acidity while the raisins provide some extra flavor, sugars, and add a vinous taste. Adding Earl Grey tea provides tannin and aromatics. OG: 1.115

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  • Raspberry Chipotle – Tom Repas

    Raspberry Chipotle Melomel Gold Medal- Mead Free or Die 2017 Gold Medal & Honorable Mention in Best of Show- Domras Cup 2018 Silver Medal- Mazer Cup 2018 Ingredients: 18 lbs light honey (such as clover) some is used for fermentation and some for back sweetening. 25 lbs fresh or frozen raspberries 1-cup dried chipotle peppers 10-gms Wine Yeast (such as

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  • Blackberry & Black Peppercorn – Carvin Wilson

    10 Gallon Batch 2018 Gold Medal – Mead Free or Die (Fruit & Spice) Amount Units Description Vendor 3.5 Gallons Avocado Honey Dutch Gold 6.5 Gallons R/O Water 15 Pounds Marion Berries NW Wildfoods 10 Pounds Black Raspberries NW Wildfoods 10 Pounds Boysenberries NW Wildfoods 5 Pounds Black Currants NW Wildfoods 5 Grams Opti Red (Primary) Scott Labs 5 Grams

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  • Blueberry Melomel – Annie Zipser

    One Gallon Batch: 4 pounds wildflower honey (for a sweet mead, use less honey for a dryer mead) 4 pounds of blueberries (frozen and then thawed, use 2 pounds for primary and 2 pounds for secondary). Yeast: Lalvin 71b-1122 Nutrient addition: DAP and Fermaid K (subdivide 1 tsp of DAP and ¾ tsp of Fermaid K into 5 equal parts. 

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