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Recently, the TTB provided feedback on the use of “mead” in the brand of a company name, and how that would impact COLA submissions.

If a company name includes “meadery,” “mead co.,” “mead company,” etc. your COLA should not run into issues.

Example here: Charm City Meadworks

Charm City

However, if your company name includes just the word “Mead,” your COLA on products that are not classified as a mead could potentially not be allowed.

For example:


This brand would be fine on any product that qualifies as a mead (see the Mead FAQs). But if this company made a product that is, say, a cider, or another than standard wine, the brand image would need to change, or at least drop the “mead” from it:


That would be fine.

Here’s an example of how Schramm’s keeps brand consistency and meets TTB requirements:

Schramms Mead

While we are working to establish more freedoms for this type of rule, meaderies and meaderies in planning should consider these regulations when deciding on a name and brand.